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97 day kanji challenge

So, I've read online that BEFORE studying japanese (and well, im not very far past the beginner classes) you should learn all the 2136(ish?...

Jun 26th 2017 05:30 PM アダム
Please fix the answers in 'You Are Apt to Fail If You Don't Study!'

  Hello Nihongomaster, There are some incorrect answers in the quiz, 'You Are Apt to Fail If You Don't Study!'. Please check them out....

Jun 25th 2017 10:47 AM melon
MEXT Japanese scholarship for graduate and ungraduates

guys did anyone apply yet for the scholarship? i need help in the section where i have to write my goals and why i want to study in Japan

Jun 19th 2017 12:35 PM Skuller
How do I reset the drills when coming back to the site after a long absence?

I came back to NM after about a 2 years absence. There are about 500 drills built there any way to reset them so that they go...

Jun 18th 2017 02:47 PM fldannyfl
Audio drills not working

Hi. I cant play the audio file on any of the drills in the dojo... the drills coming from last lessons of the intermediate course do not...

Jun 18th 2017 02:15 AM Olkusz

So, up until now I've been using a pen and notepad to take notes on the lessons, does anyone else do this and if not, what are your study...

Jun 11th 2017 02:43 AM アダム
how do you translate: machigai ga suki ja arimasen.

  konnichiwa minna!!  i am doing my drills and came across this question and am confused on it's translation.  if i were to translate, verbatem, what...

Jun 8th 2017 12:41 PM raynee
Community Discord

  This is less of a question and more of a suggestion, but for those who don't know, Discord is like Skype and Teamspeak mixed into one, you can have...

Jun 8th 2017 12:38 AM アダム

Ok, so I just came back from a looong break to 730 drills, which is probably never gonna die down due to the daily drills and such, is there...

Jun 6th 2017 07:58 PM アダム
how to solve subscribe problem

after  i had a classroom for beginner and want to proceed for the next told to subscribe to i press the button and...

Jun 5th 2017 01:28 AM hanif aiman